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Hal Albert

I was born in Brooklyn, NY to two very wonderful people, whom I believe were ahead of their time.  They taught me the value of living my life in the here and now, and not to let anything deter me from following my passion, whatever it might be. My mother felt that the most important thing was education and there were times during my school years that I just didn’t feel like going. Sick was not excuse. “You go if you have to crawl there,” she would say, “the only excuse for not going is that you are dead.”

I also learned from them truthfulness. Whatever happened, they always wanted the truth and they were truthful with me. They were Jewish, but not very devout and they didn’t impose it upon me. They let me choose what I wanted, which at the time was no religion, so unlike my Jewish peers I was not Bar Mitzvahed.

I wanted to be an actor and so they went out of their way to enroll me in the High School of Performing Arts. I then attended the New School of Social Research (today known as The New School University). The tuition was fairly steep and my parents helped as best they could. However, I took a job teaching drama at a small school in Carnegie Hall. I would teach the lesson that I had learned the day before at The New School. I then attended the American Theater Wing and The Actors Studio.

By then, I had moved out and was living in Greenwich Village with a roommate, Mel Brooks.  I appeared in a number of off-Broadway and way-off-Broadway productions, toured with a number of shows and then decided to give Hollywood a break. In order to supplement my acting income, I was in a number of businesses, among them was a retail ladies clothing store, where I met and became very friendly with Florence Henderson, who persuaded me to try Hypnotherapy. That was the best advice anyone ever gave me.  I have not only been very successful with  it — I initially did it for the money — but now I realize that I love helping  people.

I have the best of everything. I act and I do Hypnotherapy. I am truly blessed.

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