Joanna Savage

My first experiences on my spiritual path were learning philosophy from books on my mother’s shelf that I thought were forbidden: Socrates, Plato, etc.

Growing up in L.A., I realized my education came in fours: four years at an all-girls high school, four years studying philosophy and metaphysics at UCLA and Duke University, and four years continuing my metaphysics with the Rosecruseans.

I made my debut at 18, taking a strong interest in the arts. I studied etiquette and modeling for four years at Loretta Young Finishing School and worked as a professional model. I taught at Arthur Murray’s Dance Studio for four years, including instructing students through to the Gold Medal Ball. I won many dance contests, and performed in half-time shows for the Raiders and Rams.

I now continue in a variety of personal growth classes, including a weekend intensive called Clear Path. Currently I belong to a women’s empowerment group and a writer’s group, where I share the dreams I have journaled. I was married and had four children and now enjoy my four grandchildren.

I am now attending art school studying painting. My favorite form of art is painting statues of goddesses and mythological figures.

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