As a MASTERY CIRCLE, we are a gathering of individuals who celebrate the deepening of spiritual connection and higher levels of consciousness. Through teachings and the open exchange of ideas, we actively expand our abilities to live our higher purpose. As we discover and put into practice more ways of being of service, we commit ourselves to live our spiritual ideals. We find that sharing deep inner feelings with each other creates and expands our mutual loving support. We find that compassion is the answer to personal and global problems. We find that living with dignity, purpose, authenticity and higher values is an inspiration to us and to those whose lives we touch. We find that all spiritual paths have a deep common truth and we look for ways of expression that unite us in our humanity. We honor the Divine that is within ourselves and others and we know we are One.

THANK YOU FOR VISITING OUR WEBSITE. Perhaps you were referred by a friend or heard about our Circle at a seminar or workshop… or found us on your own.  No matter how you got here, WELCOME!  If you:

•  Enjoy learning about yourself and the world at large
•  Are looking for a place to share your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment
•  Would like to have a supportive group of friends
•   Are interested in science, literature, education, spirituality, philosophy, health,
business, psychology, the arts and more
•   Appreciate a warm hug

Then we invite you to join us at our weekly Tuesday morning meetings in Beverly Hills.

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