January 19
Shelly Pearce    Embodied Receptivity: Integrating our Senses and
Compassionate Nature for Essential Healing
January 26
Robert McDowell.    Virginia Woolf

February 2
Paul David Walker.    Effect of Intention Part 2
February 9
Whitney Raleigh.   A Course in Miracles
February 16
Robert McDowell.    My business is to find…so I  begin to ransack.
Poetry Writing Class)

February 23
Melanie Fox & Harvey Schwartz.    Words for 2021

March 2
Jeanne Michele.   TBA
March 9
Jim Dreaver.   Untriggerable: Awaken to Love & Freedom
March 16
March 23
Sara Saidy.    Dreams and Premonitions: What They Tell Us
about Healing, Consciousness and Our Destiny
March 30 & beyond

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