7:00    Meeting Opens
Facilitator (the morning’s Host)
~  Introduces OPENING MEDITATION, lead by member or guest
~  Welcomes GUESTS
~  Requests PURPOSE STATEMENT to be read by member or guest
~  Introduces SPIRITUAL READING selected and shared by member or guest

Remember that EVERYONE IS A HEART KEEPER. We all help the group stay focused
and “come from the heart” in our discussions and interactions.

7:20   Spiritual Check-in
Open to everyone. Just raise a hand to be recognized by Facilitator
~  What are you dealing with spiritually in this moment?
~  What are your challenges, accomplishments and lessons?
~  How is what you are sharing affecting your life?
~  How are you feeling about it?

In sharing our hearts, we honor each other with complete confidentiality. Anything said
in the meeting stays in the meeting. We do this knowing that a safe, sacred space is
created as each of us commits to share with others our own personal experiences and
insights only. 

We do not offer feedback to the person sharing and allow a moment of silence before moving to the next share. We keep our shares to about two minutes in order to have time for all. A small gong is sounded to indicate when sharing time is up.

Spiritual Check-in is private and not included in the circulated meeting Notes.

7:40   Wins and Acknowledgements
Open to everyone. Unlike Check-In, this is a time to honor one’s self for a gift or
achievement and/or to recognize and appreciate another person. Again, a brief sentence
or two allows more people to share.

7:45    Tao te Ching Video with Dana White and Jonathan Staggers

7:48    Break

8:00    Presentation
Facilitator introduces our Speaker and Topic.
Each Tuesday we enjoy a 50-minute topic presented by a scheduled speaker.
We are always interested in work that makes a difference for good in the world, with
collective focus on personal growth, art, poetry, health (particularly from a holistic
perspective) and all spiritual paths.

We welcome new speakers who meet this criteria, so if you or someone you know is interested in presenting to our group, please contact Marigrace Gleason, our speaker coordinator.

8:50    Business
~  Brief announcements re: business, events, birthdays, salons, etc.
~  Weekly Assignments

As a leaderless group, we rotate assignments for each meeting so that all members participate fully. These include:
Facilitator  – hosts the meeting; requests volunteers for following week duties
Meditation –  member/guest leads or reads a guided meditation
Spiritual Reading – person selects inspirational literature or speaks from the heart
Closing Prayer – person leads prayer and initiates the healing circle
Note: Zoom meetings are recorded and shared with MCLA mailing list

8:55     Closing Prayer / Requests for Healing Circle
We offer thanks and gratitude, then speak the names of family, friends, loved ones facing challenges and who might be in need of spiritual support.

9:00    Meeting Ends


Attendees meet on ZOOM every Tuesday morning from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. (Pacific). This meeting is for members and guests who do not live the Los Angeles area or cannot attend group meetings. Membership dues and guest fees are voluntary.  


Members and guests in the Los Angeles area have resumed meeting in-person on the SECOND and FOURTH THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH in the Circa 55 restaurant at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

•  RSVP is required; email request to Marigrace7777

•  Proof of Covid vaccination is required 

•  Membership dues for in-person meetings are $25 per month

•  Guests fees are $7 per meeting 

•  All attendees will be charged $28 for the Continental Breakfast (includes tip and
    tax) whether it is consumed or not

•  Hotel parking (self or valet) is minimum $15 for two hours with validation