Morning Schedule

6:45 am    ORDER BREAKFAST — buffet or menu


~  WELCOME GUESTS  — by facilitator
~  PURPOSE STATEMENT — read by member or guest
~  INVOCATION (Inspirational Reading)  — by member

Remember that EVERYONE IS A HEART KEEPER. We all help the group stay focused and “come from the heart” in our discussions and interactions.

7:20   SPIRITUAL CHECK-IN — everyone
~ What are you dealing with spiritually in this moment?
~ What are your challenges, accomplishments and lessons?
~ How is what you are sharing affecting your life?
~ How are you feeling about it?

IN SHARING OUR HEARTS, we honor each other with complete confidentiality. Anything said in this meeting stays in this meeting. We do this knowing that a safe, sacred space is created as each of us commits to share with others our own personal experience or insights only.

7:40   WINS and ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS — everyone

7:45    HUGS — everyone

7:55    MORNING TOPIC — facilitator introduces presentation speaker

MORNING TOPICS are selected by the membership as book studies or presentations by guest speakers and members on subjects as diverse as: Poetry of Rumi / Indigo Children / The Artist’s Way / Archtypes /The FourAgreements / Healing Divas /Eckhart Tolle Power of Now and A New Earth / Psychology of Money /Addiction / Sound Healing / Brain Dominance / Face Reading / David Hawkins Power vs. Force / Enneagrams / Body Language / Tantra / Crop Circles / etc. We also have Member Spotlight, wherein a member shares his or her life story.

8:50    BUSINESS
~ Brief Announcements
~ Weekly Assignments
~ Pay Dues / Guest Fees

PAY FOR BREAKFAST — get parking validation from wait person

NOTE: ASSIGNMENTS are rotated for each meeting so all members participate fully.
~  Facilitator~ Hosts and times the meeting; requests member volunteers for
future weekly assignments
~  Meditation — Member speaks from the heart or reads guided meditation
~  Invocation — Member reads inspirational literature or speaks from the heart
~  Closing Prayer — Member or speaker offers prayer and initiates healing circle
~  Secretary — Responsible for morning details; gathers guest information; takes minutes
of meeting; posts email of minutes to membership

8:55     CLOSING PRAYER CIRCLE — member

9:00 am   Meeting ends