Mastery Circle Los Angeles has been meeting every Tuesday morning in an LA-area hotel for over 25 years. A self-selecting, leaderless group, members share insights and personal lessons in a safe, caring space and study and apply the highest possible concepts to our lives.

We chose this name because, individually and as a group, we aim for Mastery in all areas of life: body, mind, spirit, work, play and relationships. We work to clear blockages as we strive for spiritual and personal excellence.

The Mastery Circle involves sitting in a circle – in the same room when possible – and now online virtually via ZOOM – as we share from our hearts. We are our “family of choice,” and as such, we are willing to share deep inner feelings.

Participants experience a new spiritual aliveness, combined with a sense of destiny and desire to contribute to the world on a larger scale that extends into their daily life. Many have had powerful healing experiences as a result of this heart connection, while others grow more successful in their business and personal lives.

Our wish is to have interconnecting circles, all mutually supportive while doing both spiritual and practical work in the world in such a way that we will see great personal transformation, personal success and peaceful connection on a global scale.

We have found that the small effort of attending one meeting a week produces enormous rewards. Especially now, during this time of great change, many feel the need for the loving support of like-minded, open-hearted peers.

In addition, we study and apply the highest possible spiritual material. This includes discussion of books and in-depth study courses – plus enlightening presentations from Guest Speakers at every meeting. Speakers come from within the membership or from recommendations of teachers, authors, professionals and other exemplary individuals whose work we admire.

Meetings are spiritual, yet non-denominational in a religious sense, and follow a simple, streamlined format. Members rotate responsibilities so that everyone has personal “ownership” of the Circle.

We seek the deeper truths that are the foundation of all religions. We include others in a spirit of love and acceptance to heal the splits. We enjoy discovering truth together with its follow-on experience of love and aliveness. We honor and allow all points of view and look for commonality in these systems.  And we laugh and cry and enjoy life and each other!